Welcome to Jo-Vek Tool & Die

Jo-Vek Tool & Die, headquartered in Bristol, CT, is a progressive stamping & deep drawn stamping facility. We have press capabilities ranging from 5 to 100 tons that are fully supported by an in-house tool building department consisting of CNC machining centers, CNC turning, and Wire EDM. We supply industries such as electrical, automotive, medical, and aerospace with the highest quality product at a competitive price.

Jo-Vek is known for working with customers from the inception of product design to production. Collectively we will be able to develop a cost effective manufacturable part for the supply chain. We have been a leader in progressive and deep drawn solutions since 1952, while supplying companies around the world.

Jo-Vek owners, Bristol, CT

Mission Statement

At Jo-Vek, we assure that our product is held to the highest quality standards and is cost-effective for our customers in the global economy. Myself and Paul have set high goals for Jo-Vek and work with our team to achieve them. We consistently communicate with our customers for feedback on performance and continuously search for ways to improve.