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Jo-Vek technicians have the imagination and experience to deliver custom parts.

Progressive Metal Stamping Product Manufacturing

Progressive Metal Stamping Products

Precision CNC Machining Services

Precision CNC Machining Services

Custom CNC Tooling Solutions for Metal Product Manufacturing

Custom Progressive Tooling Solutions

Whether you need high or low-volume custom metal parts, Jo-Vek Tool & Die has you covered.

The ability to design and build the custom tools needed to manufacture your parts in the most cost effective and time efficient way sets us apart from any other tool and die company.

Manufacturing your Vision into quality metal products.

Whether you need progressive metal stamping products, CNC machining services, or deep-drawn stamping services, feel confident that you’re working with a trustworthy machine shop. Your job matters to you, so it matters to us. Your success is our priority!

Jo-Vek Tool & Die Manufacturing Deep Draw Stamping and Custom Eyelets

The Jo-Vek Tool & Die Difference: Your One-Stop-Shop for All Metal Product Needs.

Jo-Vek Tool and Die has been a leader in progressive stamping and deep drawn solutions since 1952. We have worked with companies around the world. Our extensive experience with numerous materials and alloys enables us to manufacture parts through intricate stampings with complex features. Committed to designing the perfect solution, we continuously communicate with our customers, ensuring the most efficient and effective manufacturing processes.

Jo-Vek Specializes In Metal Stamping Manufacturing

We specialize in Progressive metal stamping manufacturing

Our progressive metal stamping abilities are unique in the tool and die industry. Progressive stamping refers to a tool or die that carries a metal part through a series of stations, each of which performs its own operation. We have power presses ranging from five to 60 tons. Our stamping capabilities include deep draw, piercing, punching, forming, tapping, trimming, and more. All of which are fully supported by our experienced in-house, design engineers and extensive tool-building department.

We use our Precision CNC machining expertise to enhance our Stamping Services

With our CNC precision machining expertise, we specialize in providing top-notch manufacturing solutions. The efficiency of CNC machining allows us to machine tools for part production much faster than traditional manual milling machines. Leveraging multi-axis maneuverability, CNC machining ensures exceptional precision, tighter tolerances, and an overall higher-quality output.

Jo-Vek Tool and Die Manufacturing CNC Precision Machining Experts

We Develop custom tooling to supplant your current Manufacturing Process

At Jo-Vek we partner with you to develop the tools to manufacture your current parts in a more cost-effective way. In high or low volumes, our entire process is built to fit your needs.

Our Machinists, Die Makers, & Engineers Turn Imagination into Reality.

With our CNC machining technology, we are able to machine parts and products used in a vast majority of industries. We use the latest equipment and software paired with our industry knowledge of progressive stamping, to custom manufacture products to your specifications. Jo-Vek’s progressive stamping process is ideal for cost effectively producing detailed, small parts in high volumes.

Revolutionizing Metal Craftsmanship: Crafting Unique Parts with Our Exceptional Deep Drawing Capabilities.

Jo-Vek offers deep drawn stamping to manufacture complex parts with additional features. Deep drawn stamping ensures uniform material thickness, seamless assembly, and efficient production. We cater to diverse industries and collaborate closely with clients to deliver customized solutions.

Specializing in Miniature Eyelet Production.

One of our specialties lies in the creation of miniature eyelets using our deep drawn stamping process. The deep drawn stamping technique allows us to produce miniature eyelets with exceptional accuracy and consistent quality.

With our focus on miniature eyelet production, we cater to industries with specific requirements for intricate and compact components. Partner with us to experience our expertise in delivering high-quality miniature eyelets for your applications.

What Makes Jo-Vek Tool and Die The Superior Choice for High Precision Production.

Technical Expertise

With an impressive 70 years of experience in the tool and die industry, we have an unmatched technical expertise in delivering comprehensive solutions. Our deep knowledge of the industry allows us to provide valuable insights and guidance to our clients, making their projects more successful. At Jo-Vek, we are dedicated to understanding and meeting your specific needs, ensuring that our solutions are customized to your requirements.

Customizable Products

Once we have a clear understanding of your metal products’ requirements, we tailor our manufacturing process to meet your specific needs. Our dedicated engineering team collaborates closely with you to develop a custom design that can efficiently produce your product at high or low volumes.

Quality Assurance

Jo-Vek prioritizes delivering the highest quality metal products to our customers. From custom metal products to precision components, we are committed to providing you with on-time, quality products that meet your specifications.

Quality-Focused Pricing

We prioritize delivering exceptional quality. We ensure that our customers receive unparalleled customer service and products that exceed industry standards. Our commitment is to providing the greatest value while maintaining the highest levels of quality in everything we offer.

Fabricating Success Across Diverse Industries

Jo-Vek tool and die Manfacturing serves a diverse range of industries and will be a game-changing decision for your business. Our experience working with various metals allows us to provide services across multipule industries:

Igniting Ideas from Blueprints to Reality

At Jo-Vek, our commitment to innovation and creativity is ignited by serving diverse sectors. We excel at transforming engineering drawings and blueprints into exceptional precision tools and products. With a deep understanding of multiple industries, our insights transcend boundaries, enhancing problem-solving and igniting breakthrough developments.

Staying Ahead with CNC Machines and 4-Axis Precision

Jo-Vek sets itself apart through its adaptability, precision, and utilization of cutting-edge CNC machines and software. With extensive multi-industry experience, we keep your project at the forefront of progress. Leveraging our expertise and advanced CAM and CAD software, we deliver exceptional quality and efficiency to meet your evolving needs.

Exceeding Expectations in Tool & Die Excellence

Our experience manufacturing intricate products is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality. At Jo-Vek, we exceed industry standards by delivering products that embody precision and reliability. Our expertise in tool and die manufacturing guarantees that your projects are in the hands of meticulous craftsmen who never compromise on excellence.

Unleashing Multi-Industry Knowledge for Market Dominance

Partnering with Jo-Vek unlocks a gateway to a world of multi-industry knowledge, providing you with a distinct competitive edge. Our deep understanding of machining and stamping precision metal parts empowers you to stay ahead in your competitive market. Trust in our expertise, and harness the power of our insights to achieve unparalleled success.

We pride ourselves on understanding what you need in a part.

We collaborate with you to design the custom tooling that can efficiently manufacture your product without compromising quality or functionality. Our exceptional team at Jo-Vek Tool & Die Manufacturing takes care of routine and preventative maintenance to ensure the longevity of your custom tools.

Our production and assembly lines are equipped to handle large and low volumes, from thousands to millions of parts, depending on your timeline and requirements. Throughout the process, we will keep you well-informed and updated on the progress every step of the way!

Whatever your metal part needs, Jo-Vek is the tool and die maker for the job.

From industrial parts to circuit board components, our company is committed to delivering high-quality products in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on building true partnerships with our customers. Getting your metal part just right is our highest priority. If you need metal eyelets, connectors, attaching hardware, or any other custom metal part, contact us today.

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