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Since 1952, our tool and die Shop has delivered quality products with exceptional customer service.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Once we have an understanding of what you’re looking for in part form and function, we work together to design and build a manufacturing process optimized to your parts production. With a refined process in place, our tool makers work in our cutting-edge tool-building department to create a progressive die for your parts production.

We communicate with you each step of the way, updating you on timing and progress as we go. Once we start production, we are able to make thousands to millions of parts in the most cost-effective and time-efficient way. You perfected your part design, let us perfect its’ manufacturing process.

Tool And Die Shop Delivering Quality Products

Starting From a Small Basement, Over the last 70+ years, Jo-Vek has grown into a leading custom metal stamping company.

Jo-Vek Tool & Die Manufacturing was founded in 1952 in a home basement. Within a few years we outgrew that space and moved into a commercial facility in the North End of Waterbury, CT. Once again, we quickly outgrew that location and moved into a 12,000 sq. ft. building on Thomaston Avenue.

In 2016, we moved once more into our current space, a 23,000 sq. ft. facility in Bristol, CT. We also own the land behind our facility, which allows us the opportunity to expand further as our business continues to grow.

In 2022, Paul DeLeo became the sole owner of Jo-Vek Tool & Die Manufacturing Company and continues to push the company into the future with his extensive knowledge and experience with cutting-edge technology. Paul prioritizes investing in new machinery and continued training and education for our growing professional team.

Technical Expertise

With over 70 years of experience, our technical expertise in the electrical industry and the tool and die industry is unparalleled. We provide clients with insights to enhance the success of their manufacturing projects.

Customizable Products

Upon understanding your specific requirements, we adapt our manufacturing process to your specific needs. Our engineering team works with you on a custom tool design that can manufacture your product with repeatability, at any volume.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing to ensure that our products and services are accessible to clients across a wide range of industries. At Jo-Vek Tool & Die, we deliver quality products that go above and beyond industry standards, all at a fair and honest price.

Quality Assurance

Our Stamping capabilities are ISO 9001 Certified, which ensures consistency in the quality of our products and services. You can expect the highest quality metal products delivered on time and on budget.

CNC Machining Services

We are not only a stamping company, we are also a premier CNC machine shop.

Jo-Vek offers a range of services, including progressive stamping, deep drawn stamping, custom tool building, and CNC machining. We also perform routine maintenance and repair services on each custom tool as needed. This ensures that your tool will last for years. Each precision tool and custom part we fabricate goes through stringent quality control, and each Jo-Vek tool and die maker is an industry expert. No matter which service you need, we prioritize transparency, communication, and customer satisfaction.

Our mission: to create a long lasting partnership with our customers, and in doing so provide comfort, stability, and Longevity to their supply chain.

With excellent communication, transparency, and true partnership we deliver the highest-quality products. Owner Paul DeLeo is actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the business. His leadership style mirrors that of Jo-Vek’s overall mission. He focuses on clear communication and respect for the client’s vision. Paul and the Jo-Vek team are not only industry experts, but also people who value honesty and integrity in their work. If you need metal stamping or CNC machining services, trust that you are in good hands at Jo-Vek.

Progressive Stamping

Our expertise in progressive stamping manufacturing sets us apart from other tool and die shops. Jo-Vek’s progressive stamping experience allows us to design a new process to manufacture your metal products.

Jo-Vek Tool & Die Manufacturing Progressive Stamping Services
Deep Drawn Stamping High Volume Parts

Deep Drawn Stamping

Jo-Vek’s deep drawn eyelet stamping process can produce custom metal products with seamless and complex components. Our decades of experience has allowed us to master the art of shaping sheet metal into flawlessly sophisticated eyelets.

Precision CNC Machining

With our CNC precision machining capabilities, we machine parts up to five times faster than a manual milling machine. Jo-Veks multiple axis CNC machines deliver precision parts and tools with tight tolerances.

Precision CNC Machining Metal Parts
Wire EDM Technology for CNC Precision Machining

Wire EDM Manufacturing

Our tool-building department is also equipped with Wire EDM technology. Our expertise in Wire EDM and CNC machining means that we can build a custom tool to your exact specifications completely in-house.

Contact our tool and die shop today and start the part fabrication process.

When you need parts made From Precision machining services, trust Jo-Vek Tool & Die Manufacturing Company.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your job is executed with utmost precision and excellence. Contact us today to experience our expertise and get your job done right!

Tool and Die Shop Making Parts With CNC Machining Services