Let Us Save Your Business Money Through Progressive Stamping And CNC Machining

Since 1952, Jo-Vek Tool & Die Manufacturing Company has provided our customers with superior manufacturing services. We have fabricated metal for leaders in their respective industries and serve clients across the country. We will work diligently to deliver a high-quality product that not only lowers your bottom line but will also increase productivity.

The Advantages of Our Services:

Metal pieces, Bristol, CT

Deep Drawn/Eyelets

The eyelet process is more efficient and economical than the screw machine or turning process. Our process can produce not only circular shapes but different geometric shapes as needed. We have the capabilities of manufacturing a vast range of I.D. and O.D. combinations.

Metal manufacturing, Bristol, CT

Progressive Stamping

The advantages of Progressive Stamping are increased productivity and high repeatability. Also, with speed and longer runs between material changes product is manufactured in a more cost effective way compared to traditional fabrication or machining.

Metal stamping, Bristol, CT

CNC Machining

The advantages of CNC machining and CNC turning are very similar. You can manufacture a part 5x faster with a CNC than a manual machine on average. There is also greater precision and a higher quality product. Fewer man hours needed along with a library of stored data make CNC Machining a must.

Metal cuts and shapes, Bristol, CT
Metal hardware, Bristol, CT
Manufacturing metal, Bristol, CT
Manufacturing machinery, Bristol, CT

Industries Served

We supply industries such as electrical, automotive, medical, and aerospace with the highest quality product at a competitive price.

Our Machinery

Our progressive die capabilities are endless and we are proud to work with clients across the United States. Our over 60 years of experience have provided us with vast knowledge to manufacture the most involved parts at a competitive price. We work with Minister, Perkins, and V&O presses ranging from 5 to 100 tons.

We Have A Full Tool-Building Department

Our full tool-building department is equipped with CNC machining and Wire EDM, which compliments our state of the art production stamping department and supplies CNC product for the wide range of industries we serve.

We work with many different alloys with various grades of each making intricate stampings. We can take particular parts from other manufacturing processes and turn them into a progressive stamping. This is valuable because it significantly cuts piece price and increases output for your business.